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Howeells Venture LLP, is a diversified company focused on debt as well as equity funding finance to different segments such as defense R&D, engineering, infrastructure development, renewable energy, green business practices, clean transportation and environment management related technologies, real estate, entertainment, and IT industry. The company has global reach in varied business ventures. Sensing, an opportune moment of ‘Make in India’, has developed its business by following a mix of ground up development, acquisitions and by making investments in portfolio companies to develop specific competencies as a group. Thus the company endeavours to promote entrepreneurs by providing them access to capital, new business domains and its vast global network. Has invested in companies engaged in developing critical and innovative technologies and new ventures in India in consonance with’ Make in India’ policy of the Govt.

Our global team consists of highly skilled personnel equipped to solve systematic problems, identify hidden opportunities while also assisting in the procurement of new and innovative products for the identified markets.
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Some of our key capabilities include engineering and project management, structural and design of industrial applications, knowledge based engineering (automation), software development for engineering tools and databases, and design for manufacture. As a result of diversification, the net worth of the company is over INR 150 Million.

The group has acquired expertise in ascertaining current requirements of clients and has developed sound knowledge base of companies/business houses in India/abroad who can fulfil requirements of clients individually or by getting into partnership/joint venture with each other. Thus the group facilitates acquisition/merger of companies as per requirement. The group has already demonstrated this by acquiring equity stake in various companies in different fields and also facilitated mergers.